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Redbones have been part of our life for over 20 years, they are a versatile breed that can excel in a wide variety of activities and make wonderful additions to your family .We have bred multiple UKC, AKC Conformation and Bench Champions along with having ranked dogs in both registries. We are a small kennel that strives to breed a high quality all-purpose hound. Some of the bloodlines our dogs carry are Blakesley, Sidearm, Sierra, Turpins, and Sandy Creek. We do not competitively hunt out dogs, but we train them basic hunting fundamentals. Our pedigrees contain both hunting and show lines as we want to keep true to the breeds purpose as a hunting dog along with dogs that are conformationally correct. We have placed puppies in wide variety of homes doing a wide variety of jobs, Service dogs, Search and Rescue, Show dogs, Big and Small Game hunting dogs, and Family companions.

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Is A Redbone The Right Dog For You?

We love our Redbones antics but they may not be the right dog for every family. The breed as a whole isn't common throughout the US so many have not experienced them in person. They are a medium energy breed with moments of high energy. They are primarily a hunting dog with a prey drive so they can be excitable and that is where the high energy comes in. We find them low maintenance as far as grooming and shedding and do not need baths often. Some ask me if they smell like a hound and I don't feel they have an odor, most of that comes with there health and diet. Our dogs at most get baths once a month and bi-monthly ear cleanings. The hardest maintenance about them is they should get weekly or bi-weekly nail trims as they grow quickly. Redbones are full of personality and love to be around people. They can be goofy with serious moments and really love to spend time with their families. I find them to be great with kids as they are a kid wrapped in a dogs body. Not all Redbones are barkers but that being said they are vocal and can be easily provoked to bark(some neighbors don't appreciate that). They also make other interesting vocalizations.. squeak..whine..whistle..grumble.. And I am sure there are more than I am listing here. They are an expressive dog and will find a way to get what they want. (if you think you're bed and furniture are off limits think again.)They can be stubborn to train. I find them to be very smart, and that is what can make training a challenge for first time owners. I feel if you start training them manners young they will always remember them as they are older, but if you wait they can be harder to train. If you are thinking of getting a Redbone and I haven't answered your questions please do not hesitate to send us a message!

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"To succeed in life you need 3 things in life, A Wishbone, A Funny-bone, and A Redbone!"

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