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Discover The Cardigans Other Side of the Moon RAR: A Collection of B-Sides and Remixes

The Cardigans Other Side of the Moon RAR: A Rare and Amazing Album You Need to Hear

If you are a fan of The Cardigans, the Swedish pop-rock band that rose to fame in the 90s with hits such as Lovefool, My Favourite Game, and Erase/Rewind, you might be interested in hearing their lesser-known album, The Other Side of the Moon. This album is a collection of b-sides and remixes that were released in 1997, after their successful third album, First Band on the Moon.

the cardigans other side of the moon rar

The Other Side of the Moon is a hidden gem of The Cardigans' discography, as it showcases their versatility and creativity as a band. The album contains 15 tracks that range from acoustic ballads to electronic beats, from covers of classic songs to original compositions. The album also features some guest appearances from other artists, such as Tom Jones and Paul McCartney.

The Other Side of the Moon is not a regular album, but a compilation of songs that were not included in The Cardigans' previous albums, or that were remixed or re-recorded for different purposes. Some of the songs are covers of famous artists, such as Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, and Ozzy Osbourne. Some of the songs are original compositions that were written for movies or TV shows, such as War and Losers. Some of the songs are alternative versions or remixes of The Cardigans' own songs, such as Carnival and Iron Man.

The Other Side of the Moon is a rare and amazing album, because it shows a different side of The Cardigans, a side that is more experimental and diverse than their usual style. The album contains songs that are more rock-oriented, more electronic, more acoustic, or more playful than their mainstream hits. The album also showcases the talent and versatility of The Cardigans' members, especially Nina Persson, the lead singer, who can sing in different languages and genres with ease and charm.

If you are wondering where you can find The Other Side of the Moon, you have several options. You can download the album from various torrent sites, such as The Pirate Bay or Pastebin. You can also buy the CD from online stores, such as Discogs or Amazon. However, be aware that the album is not very easy to find, as it was released only in Japan and Australia, and it is now out of print.

Alternatively, you can also listen to The Other Side of the Moon on streaming platforms, such as Spotify or YouTube. You can find the full album or individual songs on these platforms, and enjoy them anytime and anywhere. You can also discover some other songs by The Cardigans that are not included in The Other Side of the Moon, but that are equally great and interesting.

Some of the highlights of The Other Side of the Moon are the songs that are exclusive to this album, and that cannot be found anywhere else. For example, the song War (First Try) is a powerful and emotional rock ballad that was written by Nina Persson and Peter Svensson, the main songwriters of The Cardigans. The song was recorded during the sessions for First Band on the Moon, but it was not included in the final tracklist. The song is one of the most intense and passionate songs by The Cardigans, and it showcases Nina's vocal range and expressiveness.

Another example is the song Cocktail Party Bloody Cocktail Party, which is a 15-minute long instrumental track that closes the album. The song is a collage of different sounds and samples that create a surreal and psychedelic atmosphere. The song was composed by Magnus Sveningsson, the bassist of The Cardigans, who also plays keyboards and guitar on this track. The song is a hidden track that starts after a few minutes of silence following the previous song, After All. The song is a rare and experimental piece by The Cardigans, and it shows their adventurous and creative spirit.

The Other Side of the Moon is a must-have album for any fan of The Cardigans, as it reveals a different and fascinating side of the band. The album is also a great introduction for anyone who wants to discover more about The Cardigans, beyond their mainstream hits. The album is a showcase of The Cardigans' musical diversity and originality, as well as their sense of humor and style.

If you want to listen to The Other Side of the Moon, you can find it online or on CD. However, you might have some difficulty finding it, as it is a rare and exclusive album that was released only in Japan and Australia. You can also stream it on platforms like Spotify or YouTube, and enjoy it anytime and anywhere. You will not regret it. The Other Side of the Moon is a rare and amazing album that you need to hear. b99f773239


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