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Printer Driver Generic 36c- 1 Series 112

Thank you for posting the log, Manuel. You are correct in that it looks that the Canon drivers are causing this to happen. Did you check to see if there are updated drivers for your printer in SU? How about Canon, did you check with them?

Printer Driver Generic 36c- 1 Series 112

Notice that you should be able to remove the Canon printers and re-add them using a generic driver if it's available until you can get Canon drivers that will work (do this by selecting a different driver when adding the queue under the "Print Using" drop-down.) Alternatively, you could select a different driver without removing the printer, just by opening the Printer Proxy (click on "Open Print Queue..." from Print & Scan with the printer selected, then click on Printer Setup > Driver, and change the selection there. 076b4e4f54


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